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Twin Flames vs Soulmates 5 Biggest Differences

5 main differences between soul mates and twin flames

Good day and welcome to our next video on the exciting topic of twin flames. Today I would like to share with you the top five differences between soul mates and twin flames. There are a lot of misconceptions between these two types of relationships. So let’s jump right in and clear some of the most common ones up. 

First on our list, we have ”Many soulmates vs. one unique twin flame connection”

Secondly, we have number 2: Harmony vs. Triggering

The next big difference is 3: Any time frame vs life long connection

Next we have Difference 4: No clear phases vs very clear phases (attraction, running, ascension, union)

Lastly we have number 5:  Any purpose vs a clear purpose.

Enjoy Lyra and her unique and descriptive way of helping you on your Twin Flame Journey.