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Is it your real Twin, Teacher, or Karmic? Find out here.

How can we find the needed knowing and truth about the soul connections on our own individual Twin Flame journey? This video gives a lot of insight into your journey and includes a short balancing sequence to support you energetically. Please feel free to join our loving community in our Facebook group: We look forward to seeing you next time! #twinflame #twinflameteacher #twinflamerelationships #karmicrelationship

How and why Buddhists use a Mala

Have you ever been using a Mala for meditation? Many people know Malas as souvenirs when travelling to Asia but don’t know the background of why and how they play a role for the meditation practise.

Van made a short video to give you a bit more background about them that you should definitely watch if you are interested in meditation and the Buddha Dharma:

How and why do we Buddhists use a Mala?