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I'm a relationship psychology coach with a specialisation on emotionally abusive relationships, intuitive healer, self-worthiness accelerator and Reconnective Healing facilitator and trained on Human Design readings. My focus is to support people on the very challenging Twin Flame Journey to go through healing and emotional release and find back into union.

How and why Buddhists use a Mala

Have you ever been using a Mala for meditation? Many people know Malas as souvenirs when travelling to Asia but don’t know the background of why and how they play a role for the meditation practise.

Van made a short video to give you a bit more background about them that you should definitely watch if you are interested in meditation and the Buddha Dharma:

How and why do we Buddhists use a Mala?

Finding a place for a new video

As I’m travelling the world for a year and working on the content for our video channel at the same time, it’s not always easy to find good locations.

It means, carrying a big bag around with the camera equipment, microphone etc on every occasion.

And while others are snorkelling and exploring the underwater world I walk along beaches to find a quiet place without direct sunshine. Build up the equipment and hope that no boat might come along until I’m done with recording.

I hope everything went well with this recording and you can watch a new video on our channel with this stunning background from a lonely beach in Thailand soon!